Mobile Sports Betting Has Been a Huge Success for New York State

Legalizing Mobile Gaming would generate up to $1 Billion more ‑ every year

Let’s build on the huge success of mobile sports betting with a comprehensive mobile gaming package, including iGaming & iLottery.

Mobile Sports Gaming

A mobile gaming package will net an additional $1 Billion annually for the state, create union jobs, and ensure New York consumers have access to consumer protections, which are only available in the legal and regulated markets.

We need to catch up: neighboring states New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania offer iGaming while Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and New Hampshire offer iLottery.

Mobile Sports Betting
Mobile Sports Betting

Legalized mobile gaming will have protections to prevent kids from accessing the platforms, unlike illegal online gambling sites that actively prey on underage bettors.

The additional $1 Billion in tax revenue generated by mobile gaming can be used to fund education or reduce out‑year deficits.

Mobile Sports Gaming

It’s Time to Bet on New York – Again!

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